AS Introduction

Like Tadao Ando’s architecture design that is elegant in its minimalism, exuding sophistication and confidence in the hectic city life, AS, walks her own path, sings her own tune. No matter how complicated or ultra-luxury fashion becomes AS persists to retain beauty that is pure and clear. Modern simplicity is juxtaposed by minimalist designs. In office, she is a hardworking rationalist; in life, in a book, a CD, a movie, a lecture, even during a break she sought to enrich herself constantly. You cannot easily pry into her emotion and her weaknesses. Her soft and light handselegantly fall on the white keys of a piano, in the crowded and noisy city, maintaining an agile and simple rhythm in life. In 1979, AS Group founded its first brand of fine elegance

HELENE SPARK Introduction

HELENE SPARK, from the age 25, had a charming nature.Unpredictability is HELENE SPARK’s trademark. Her accessories are glamorous and are oozing with romance and nostalgic decorative opulence. It’s difficult not to be astonished by her mysterious and interchangeable styles.HELENE SPARK’s devotion to beauty is part of her nature. I she led by the voice of the wild beauty? Or is she led by the voice of beauty? Every woman deserves to discover her unlimited capability for creativity hidden in her genes. You too, discover your God’s particle and uncapped potential for appeal.

Melrose Introduction

MELROSE exudes a natural and sophisticated aroma.Under this first scent lays an aroma so complex that it truly cannot be imitated. Character and are virtue cultivated; itsinnate beauty and charm underlined by simple elegance.Like flower petals covering European streets, pale with grace and mature in attitude. Encapsulate its embellished style yourself.

MISS Introduction

Miss21 is not in fairy-tale fantasy. She shows attitude and is driven by her independence, strong-mindedness and rebelliousness. She explores the world with ample curiosity like a young child. She is miss21 to be different and to pursue a variety of shoe styles and different heel heights.Miss21 understands that girls should always have the privilege of redefining the past and innovating yet new styles, miss21 takes you on a journey of exploration and adventure! As time goes, MISS 21 never fades. Instead itrepresents the image of “the 21 year-old young lady”. The 21 year-old young lady… that puts on make-up to lookmore mature… searches for Adam and Eve’s love… has a voice of her own … and accessorizes with MISS 21 products… MISS 21 is the best choice for you!

Moda Introduction

Brimming with youth --MODA Luxury is a naughty yet rebellious genius. On a Friday night, MODA Luxury is awaited with excitement, MODA Luxury commands souls to dance with dazzling beauty, and her heels strike loud and clear, with a heart of gold. MODA Luxury longing to be ripened. Resisting the temptation I put on my wings, together we fly into the passionate night sky.

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